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Michelle Obama is a "knucklehead," here's why (but do you really need a reason?)

She said this...see it here.

In fairness (as if she deserves it) she was saying young people need health insurance because of the things they do that would ultimately require medical attention. She's not saying they're knuckleheads for not buying into Obamacare (that argument comes next as the law continues to collapse).

Honestly, she doesn't deserve this benefit of the doubt because it's actually just another example of how government (for which she is speaking on behalf of) views us as infantile cattle that need to be herded and "cared" for, and that SHE and her ilk must do the caring.

Maybe what she says will be true in a generation thanks to the debilitating dependency this knucklehead's husband is instilling in young Americans. But I wasn't doing the crap she spouts off about 26 year olds when I was 26. I had a job and was married already, my wife and I weren't interested in dancing on bar stools, and MOST of the other 26 year olds we hung out with weren't either.

And so what if we wanted to do that crap, if we did WE HAD OUR OWN INSURANCE...and we didn't need Obamacare to get it either. *GASP!*

The Obamas are the real American knucklehead, end of story.