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Speaking Power to Truth

The special olympics is a series of sporting events in which special, handicapped, disabled, Dancing with the Stars audition rejects, and retarded people - that word allowed? - Lets ask


Show Spelled Pronunciation [ri-tahr-did] Show IPA


1. characterized by retardation: a retarded child. –noun

2. (used with a plural verb ) mentally retarded persons collectively (usually prec. by the): new schools for the retarded.

Origin: 1800–10; RETARD + -ED 2

Synonyms: backward, disabled, handicapped.

Anyhow, before I was rudely interrupted by political correctness I was saying that in the special olympics retarded people engage in a series of sporting events in an effort to boost the self-esteem of those participating, but it also serves the greater purpose of making the people who organize the event feel good about themselves.

Don't misunderstand me, if I had a child that would qualify for such a thing I would happily support their participation, but lets not pretend its anything different than what it is.

So, when President Obama likens his 129 in bowling to being a contestant in the special olympics and retarded people take umbrage with it, what does that say about President Obama? Moreover, what does it say about the people who voted for him?

Special retarded interests, or is it retarded special interest?

Its special interest for the mentally and physically, but not spiritually impaired.

........So people who have an interest in pretending that retarded people are normal have a problem with President Obama speaking power to truth. What I have an issue with people getting pissier than an Irishman after St. Patricks day thats been holding it for a week over words that aren't really that offensive when you think about it.

And by the way, have you ever noticed how the Irish never get offended by THEIR stereotypes? When they're at their best they wouldn't get out of the qualifying rounds of the special olympics, and when you inform them of that they thank you by buying your next drink. Thats because something is only truly offensive when its not based in the truth or in the context with which it belongs. Any offense taken beyond that parameter is outrage generated by self absorbed moral busybodies for the sole purpose of having the "offended" beat into behavioral submission the "offendee."

With that in mind ask yourself this, if retarded people could perform at par with those who are not retarded then why the hell does the adjective "special" preface everything they do?

To those who want to attack President Obama for his "special olympics" comment on Jay Leno you need to realize that your energies are better served putting together putting together "special" least then retarded people get a chance to feel good about themselves too instead of being bombarded by your negativity, and frankly, your dishonesty.