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It's Not The Rich Who Don't Pay Their Fair Share...

From Bosch Fawstin

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It's So Cold In DC...

I've heard the joke before, but now there's a visual for it!

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Democrats Only Destroy

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More Proof Unions Are The Actual Violent Thugs Democrats Accused The Tea Party Of Being

Steven Crowder attempted to start a dialogue at a protest against the Right To Work bill in Michigan (which prohibits coercion to join a union, as you can imagine the Bolsheviks running them don't like that).

As we've come to expect from the left, every "fear" and accusation of violence they have coming from conservatives is proven to be pure projection of their on proclivities whenever they get the chance to show it.

See the video of Crowder getting attacked here. If you're on Twitter retweet it here.

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3 Reasons To Boycott Jamie Foxx's New Movie Django

Pass it on...From Image Blitz

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It's OK To Say Merry Christmas

Created this last year for OMG! For America.

It's super-simple, but the importance of driving this message to the people has reached a point that was unimaginable only 20 years ago. Christmas tree, Christmas cards, Christmas vacation...and on it goes...sadly, they've all been replaced with "holiday" or something else.

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Welfare Should Not Be A Safety Net...

Brilliance from iOwnTheWorld

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What The GOP Vision Of "Forward" Should Be...

We probably will never get this long-term, and since many Republicans are caving on taxes now this much needed scenario wont happen either.

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It's Too Bad Communism Hasn't Been Tried Yet...

Pass it on...From Dude! Where's My Liberty

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