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What If Obama Tried Taking Credit For Noah's Ark?

Taken from this post, where a dad posted his kids drawing of Obama and Noah on Twitter. It was suggested I do a version of it. Here it is.

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The Chick-Fil-A Liberal Litmus Test

From ForAmerica

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Why Government Stimulus Is Not Working...

A couple of days ago there was a #ConceptsProgressivesCantGrasp hashtag game on Twitter. I tweeted...

#ConceptsProgressivesCantGrasp you can't get economic growth by taxing the private sector & then give that $ to the public sector

A dumb liberal tweeted back...

"uhhh actually...yeah that is exactly how it works ....look at history"

To keep this brief. I fired back with a quote from FDR's treasury secretary that the New Deal failed (after she said it didn't). Suddenly, she changed the subject to a different burden of proof (her opinion...that's it), and history didn't matter anymore...RAH KEYNES!

The exchange got me wondering how/if I could make a graphic as simple as possible that could explain why government "stimulus" a la Democrat can't work...I did my best :-)

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Who Said Trains Don't Get Flat Tires? Leave It To Obama...

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Notice How Obama's "Forward" Slogan Disappeared?

At least for now, after it's flop of a debut the left have been very quiet about using it...I wonder why...

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Obama Has A Message For Noah...

Awesome! Found on Twitter here

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Obama's Manhole

Not sure where this came from, leave a comment if you know.

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Harry Reid Hasn't Been Getting Much Attention Lately...

Let's fix that...

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Liberal Logic On Boycotts

From Liberal Logic 101

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