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Big Patriotism

All great men get a fitting portrait.

Here is a brilliant piece from DaleToons

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The Most Polar Ice Ever Recorded?

It looks like Earth does stand a snowball's chance in hell, this month we apparently had the most polar ice ever recorded.

This isn't a fluke either, in December 2010 I linked to an article by eco-pope Gore that competed with reports of record snowfall in Europe. See that post here

The graphic I created back then seems more apt than ever before...

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The Only Part Of Abortion That Makes Liberals Sad

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The Perils Of Not Being Able To Recognize Evil

This touches on just about every single culture war battle we have with the left today...

From Right Wing News...

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Why Does 9% Unemployment Make Obama Upset?

But isn't unemployment under 9%? Tell that to Gallup.

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Why People Faint At Obama Events

President Obama brags that "folks" faint all the time at his events.

With the data presented below, one can clearly see the reason for this is actually rooted in science.

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WWII Icon Illustrates 70 Years Of American Progress

From The People's Cube...

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Obama Has A 9-9-9 Plan Of His Own

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Biden Imparts Wisdom On Contraception

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