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Fun With The Obama Acronym

We all know...

Here's a repost from a couple of years ago that explored other possibilities

Obama acronyms

(click to see a larger version)

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Why Is Bill Maher An Atheist?

I can only think of one reason...

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The Collection of Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Graphics

Between work, family, preparing for content in advance to post here while I'm away until next week, and working on some new developments for this site, I haven't had the time to delve into, or even understand what the heck is going on in with this tragic debacle.

So I haven't been able to do much, but, it did inspire this 6 picture meme about the mainstream media.

As far a guilt any crime committed is concerned I'm not weighing in on that, I don't know enough. The only thing that is certain is that professional race agitators, the mainstream media, and even President Obama, did not let an opportunity to embarrass and disgrace themselves pass them by.

Below is what I hope to be the collection, of graphics telling the (real) narrative of this controversy. Some of these offend the senses...sorry, but it's what is being said.

I'll update it as needed. If you're seeing this post from my home page click "read more" at the bottom to see the full collection.

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Should You Trust Those Who Don't Support The Second Amendment?

Found on Facebook...

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Obama Does A Pretty Good Julie Andrews...

Repost from 2010...

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How People View The Mainstream Media

Click the image for a larger version if some of the squares are tough to make out.

Check out the other 6 picture meme I did about Obama here.

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A Chart That Clearly Demonstrates The Financial Benefits Of ObamaCare...

...and who the beneficiary is...

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Health Care Reform Is Still A BFD?!?

So President Obama is apparently endorsing this as something appropriate for a president to peddle...

Here is my humble rebuttal...

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How Liberals Like To Break The Ice

Check out other installments of the liberal pickup lines series here  here and here

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This Is Probably Hanging Somewhere In Pelosi's Office

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