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George W Bush final report card


Having a creativily use of vocabulation: A

Keeping the job of copy editors, comedians, and english translators recession proof (until now): A

Avoiding conducting press conferences: B

Avoiding putting his fingerprints on the veto pen: B+

Good looking twin daughters: A


Getting the twins on the cover of Maxim: F

Living up to liberal conspiracy theories of him bring martial law to America before we could elect another president: F

Using the Oval Office as his person adulterous playground: F

Stopping natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis, and "The View": F

Trampling the constitutional rights of those who have protested him since Inauguration Day 2001: F

On a more serious note:

Keeping social/non-military spending in check: D- (should be an F, but I'm throwing him a bone)

"Chunking" aside free market principles: C (some blame belongs to congress after all)

Squandering the conservative influence on public policy: C+ (again, some blame belongs to congress)

Illegal immigration: F- (it was F--- before he commuted the sentences of Ramos and Campeon)

Efforts in foreign and humanitarian aid: A

Bragging about these efforts: D+

Tax policy: A

War on terror: A

 Making sure more Americans would die from terrorists attacks after 9/11: F

Overall: TBD