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Use The Stimulus to Socialize Cheetos and Gaga!

Other than everything, what else should the liberals try to socialize?

Oh, I know!

STUPIDITY - The haves like Biden need to spread the wealth because we can't have anymore liberals like Mark Halperin calling him a "dick." Democrats can't afford such temper tantrums of intelligence.

AIR FORCE ONE - If Obama is serious about reducing carbon footprints then he should seek "investors" in his...and since I mentioned that...

SILENCE - Is golden, duct tape is silver, and all nations of the world could reduce emissions with positive economic impact if liberals would just keep their mouths shut.

FOX NEWS - Think about it libs. Socialism ruins everything it touches. So just think what would happen if you funded them with taxes and unionized everyone! "The No Spin Zone wouldn't be about honesty, it would be about laziness. The host would talk only if they felt like it, meaning shows would have so much dead air the cavity in Obama's head where his brain should be would finally have a break from depending on teleprompters to counter guys like Hannity.

Man, why do I feel like I may have just committed treason?