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Summing Up Obama's Real Position On Israel

So is it 2012 yet, because it would be really awesome to have a president who had a sane policy on how to treat Israel again...


    Israel: Hey Barry!

    Obama: Don't call me that, it's very disrespectful, and nobody calls me that.

    Cornell West: Hey Barry! Whut up my brotha from a honky mutha!

    Obama: What is up CW. Hey look, I've been working on my fist pump.

    Cornell West: Almost got it my BHOreo...try putting your pinky down, you're not drinkin' tea with the Queen.

    Obama: Oh yeah! I keep forgetting that part, thanks!

    Cornell West: Peace in the middle eashhhhahahahahahaha!

    Israel: ........right....

    Obama: Isn't he the coolest Israel? We call him CW because he's got enough drama to start his own a teenage soap opera.


    Obama: So, what is up?

    Israel: Why you coming at us all twisted on Palestine?

    Obama: Huh?!?

    Israel: (Cornell said that would work) .......So, what's this crap about you wanting our borders to go back to...

    ...just because you're all yellow doesn't mean we have to be.

    Obama: Look, I just want Israel live in pieces...peace...

    ....with it's neighbors.

    Israel: By drawing up borders that leave us so vulnerable it will ensure our ultimate destruction?!? Whose side are you on anyway?

    Obama: Allah

    Israel: What what WHAT!!!

    Obama: I mean...I'll, uh.....have to think my mouth moves faster than my teleprompter.


Think that aside with Cornel West was out of line? Think again, and again, and again.