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Top 10 Last Thoughts of Osama bin Laden

A friend on Facebook asked what was going through the mind of the Seal who killed Osama bin Laden. My response was:

The line from the song Kelly Clarkson sang when she won American Idol...

"I can't believe it's happening to me. Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this."

Obviously this isn't what really what was going through his head...I don't think they're supposed to allow such wimpy songs into their brains.

However, it did get me wondering...before he died what was the last thing that went through bin Laden's head...other than the bullet...


10. Oh look, an E-vite to the ribbon cutting of the Ground Zero Mosque.

9. Seriously, if I ever accidentally allow my iPhone to "use my current location" I'm gonna blow my brains out.

8. I wish Biden was president, then my videos would only have to be two words, "meep meep!"

7. My dear wife I'm married to you, not my work. I would never let anything come between us.

6. Alright, more fan mail! I sure am glad Hollywood celebrities can keep a secret.

5. WTF...why did Facebook delete my "If I get 1 million fans I will legally change my name to Osama Sandiego" page?!?

4. Hey, can someone tell me why Biden just tweeted "toomorow is goin 2 b a big f**king deel?"

3. Let's see if I have any new followers on Twitter....when did the CIA start a profile?

2. I swear, seals are so freakin' cute! I hope I actually see one before I die.

1. I have to get ready, that call girl I found on Craigslist will be here any minute.