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A Government Shutdown is Just a Reprieve from Hell

I don't mean to alienate anyone by asking this question, but when did it become extreme to not spend money that doesn't exist?

Now either I'm hearing resentment from the voices in my head, or the credit cards in my pocket, or it's the third inner Democrat.

We all have it, we just refer it as something different. Anakin Skywalker called it the dark side of the force.

I've banged my head on this wall for a number of posts, but what the hell is wrong with those guys? If there is a more eloquent way to put that I wouldn't know because it must be buried under 14 trillion dollars of debt.

That's $14,000,000,000,000.00. If you count the 4 then there are literally the same amount of zeros serving in Obama's cabinet.

Deficit = Sacred Cow

Does this "number" mean anything to liberals? Anything at all?

This is sheer madness, basically the GOP says "hey, lets cut $51 billion."

Then the Democrats come back with 11 billion as their first, best and final offer. They don't even have the decency to throw in sweeteners like, "when the Chinese repo the country we'll spare your families from their slavers."

Lets be clear, NEITHER number is even remotely close to being remotely close to being remotely close to being acceptable. The GOP wants to cut the deficit down by 5%...that's not extreme...that's a layup with no defense and a step ladder.

We can't just cut to reduce the deficit, we have to cut to reduce the debt as well. We are talking about the life of the country being at stake.

Meanwhile, USAID is moaning that 70,000 children will die because of a GOP budget...have the math whizzes over there figured out many will die if the entire economy collapses?

Dear third world,

I miss my childhood, please come join me in America.


Also, just today Zero number nine (which is like client number nine, except she's screwing us), Kathleen Sebilius says our healthcare system is like that of a developing nation and it will stay that way if the 10 years of funding for 7 years of ObamaCare is overturned. A developing nation? Is she stating the problem or their goal?

Then there is the CBO saying that Obama is understating his deficits to the tune of trillions! These people aren't serious...or they're doing this on purpose.

The Democrats are screwing this country into economic oblivion, and much to the chagrin of people like Helen Thomas you can't "accidentally" have sex.

I don't know what the motivation is, but at this point I don't think any other conclusion can be drawn. It took years of GOP incompetence to build up the kind of debt liberals racked up in just a couple of years, and they did it at a time when they KNEW it the tide needed to be reversed.

The government may be liberal Nirvana, but the reality is if shuts down over the budget fight the only tragedy that would come from it would be that the devil has to take a time out from dragging Uncle Sam to Hell so both sides can rework what the ETA will look like.