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The Only Thing More Extreme Than Trillion Dollar Deficits Is Eliminating Them

With Harry Reid in charge of the Dems in Congress it's hard to believe we didn't take the senate last fall too.

“For the sake of our economy, it’s time for mainstream Republicans to stand up to the Tea Party and rejoin Democrats at the table to negotiate a responsible solution that cuts spending while protecting jobs," he said.

Last week Reid put $7.5 billion in discretionary cuts and $3.5 billion in mandatory savings on the table as a counteroffer to the $51 billion in additional cuts the GOP is seeking.

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Reid called The $51 billion, which is less than 5% of the deficit "extreme" and that we have to....what....RESTORE THE DEFICIT FOR THE SAKE OF THE ECONOMY?!?

Trillion dollar deficits and a 14 trillion dollar national debt aren't extreme to this sonova.......but cutting them down is!?!

Vegas casinos must be begging for this moron to play poker at their establishment. Why doesn't Reid just admit he's trying to collapse our economy:

    GOP: We need to do something about our budget deficit, we have to cut spending down to the same levels of revenue is actually coming in.

    Reid: Really? That's weird because I was thinking we need to maintain it at 1 trillion dollars.

    GOP: Why?

    Reid: For the sake of the economy silly!

    GOP: Oh? But we have to turn things around, is prospect the world could collapse the economy by dumping our debt enough to make you change your mind on this?

    Reid: The world is not enough!

    GOP: Seriously?

    Reid: Bond, James Bond.

    GOP: Oh....The world is not enough...I get it... Um, we really can't cut anything? Because this 11 billion you're suggesting is like pouring a shot of whiskey into the ocean and expecting the fish to get drunk.

    Reid: You Republicans just aren't serious about solving any problems are you?

    GOP: Wha?

    Reid: The problem is the economy, right?

    GOP: .....

    Reid: We have to do what Nevadans do with their problems, just get rid of them! That's why they elected me Senator so many years ago, so they could send me away to DC.

    GOP: So if we collapse the economy, the problem is solved because it will have been destroyed-

    Reid: -and then we can move on to more important stuff! See?

    GOP: With your glasses? No thanks.

I know this is a bit dramatic, but I had to write Reid as more intelligent than he really is, or it would've been difficult for him to carry the story.