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Are Conservative Democrats Finally Figuring Out Their Incompatibility With Liberalism?

This post is a little more adult than most...there's your fair warning...

For Democrats, Ashley Bell was the kind of comer that a party builds a future on: A young African American lawyer, he served as president of the College Democrats of America, advised presidential candidateJohn Edwards and spoke at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston.

But after his party's midterm beat-down in November, Bell, a commissioner in northern Georgia's Hall County, jumped ship. He joined the Republicans...

"I think the midterms showed you really can't be a conservative and be a member of the Democratic Party," Bell said...

Many of the defectors have echoed Bell's assertion that Democrats have become too liberal.

More at The Los Angeles Times

I was working on something in my kitchen last night, and my wife was channel surfing and came to some "Sex and the City" rerun where Carrie was dating a guy she had nothing in common with, but she stayed with him because he provided her with "mind-blowing sex."

Unless orgasms enable people to prove the theory of relativity I don't know what "mind-blowing sex" actually is, and I was wondering why fate wasn't letting me tune out a television show that makes my brain shrivel, until reading this piece from the L.A. Times....which also makes my brain shrivel.

Its true, check Wikipedia

Dating people you barely know beyond sex sounds like the perfect recipe for a relationship with liberalism.

Carrie was like a conservative Democrat, and the party has been screwing her for decades.

It's not that Democrats have become too liberal, they've been too liberal. The party didn't just leave Reagan, it left everyone not dumb enough to be happy living in Berkeley, CA.

I know so many people whose values have nothing in common with liberalism and wouldn't even vote Democrat if they weren't born into families that taught them to vote that way...kind of like the klan, but less offensive...because I say so.

The core of the Democratic party has become socialism, liberals who deny this are either ignorant or Obama did right before the Super Bown with Bill O'Reilly.

They beat you 'cuz they love you.

Mr. "Spread the wealth" tells Bill he's no socialist because he's banking on people like Bell to believe he's not.

Too bad for our fearless leader that it appears conservative dems are getting tired of making excuses that sound like they're missing the punchline, "I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is."


The centrist wing of the Democratic Party, the Democratic Leadership Council is facing impending doom. Read the story from Politico here (h/t Memorandum)

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Contrary To Popular Belief Christina Aguilera Didn't "Sing" The National Anthem

From my Facebook friend Bob Schneider

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Christina Aguilera Gives Obama's Credit Card Free Super Bowl Ad Time

Look at the time stamp...yes I worked on this at the half-time show. Whatever! Carpe diem, right?

Click to see a larger (more legible) version

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10 Reasons Reagan's Birthday Makes Liberals Pout

Think Progress did a post honoring Reagan by reminding everyone that there are 10 Things Conservatives Don’t Want You To Know About Ronald Reagan. I was tempted to go down this point by point. But Doug Ross did a much better job than I would have.

Check out his response to these proglodytes here.

Maybe Think Progress should rethink their name to something that puts them in a more honest light:

Stink Progress

Stink Dog Breath

Rinky-dink Progress

Think Thoughtless

Think Rotten Best

The View

Juvenile much? Yes, but at least I'm honest.

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Reagan Vs. Obama

From where else, but the imcomparable iOwnTheWorld. This is my favorite blog, period. Here is the latest reason why...

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My 100th Birthday Ode to Ronald Reagan

When I was born Jimmeh Cartah's presidency was on it's death bed and the decision to pull the plug on his life support was made by Dr. American Voters about a month earlier. So admittedly I don't KNOW Reagan and the politics of that time as well as the Limbaughs and the Hannitys because I was watching Smurfs and playing G.I. Joe, sometimes at the same time (I was an early multitasker).

I do know this about Reagan, Carter's failure jolted my parents into caring about politics. They realized that there are consquences to a president being a bumbling idiot. The country was in decline, and there was a belief that we were about to take a back seat to the Soviet Union. They held a lot of hope that Reagan was going to be a step in the right direction, so you can imagine how happy they, and the country, were to see that we voted for someone who sprinted there.

Liberals and "progressives" can say what they want about Reagan, and they are, but this country's love for him is undeniable. He believed in America and a love for freedom and liberty, he believed in the goodness of the electorate, and he wore his belief in Him on his sleeve. Or as Robert Gibbs tried to put it with Obama, Reagan was obviously Christian.

Get over it libs, nobody cares about FDR...or Karl Marx

All of that was contagious on a global level, and it makes the left jealous. They're jealous that nearly 7 years after his death he is still very much alive to us all. That's why they've been tearing him down as much as we've been celebrating him this last week.

Below is a clip of my one of my most favorite Reagan moments. Everyone knows it well, so I don't have to tee it up. I can't watch it without getting chills. If anyone needed a nutshell version of who he was, and they didn't have half an hour for a A Time for Choosing, I think this video would be the best substitute I could think of, then again, moments like the one below are too numerous to choose a "best."

Does this sound like someone battling Alzheimers, as accused by his doting son?

His advisors advised him not to tell Gorbechev to tear down the wall. Liberals nearly lost their lunch over it, and the commies lost their communism.

Now they lose their lunch because their fearless first lady wants to take it from them. What a difference a generation makes.

Sarah Palin is right Reagan was one of a kind. Happy 100th Gipper.

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Conservative News Week in Review (1/31 - 2/5)

I downloaded State from Xtranormal, they're the people who did that "text to movie" application. Check them out here.

I was experimenting with the program and my satire news "headlines" from the last week. It's ROUGH around the edges, but I'm happy with my first go at this.

I don't know if I'll do this again with the headlines, but I'll definitely be using this program for future's pretty awesome.

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Obama Wants Business To Start Pulling Its Weight

President Obama called on U.S. businesses to do more to help grow the economy, saying that while the unemployment rate is getting better and jobs are being added, the U.S. needs “to get there faster.”

“Businesses have a responsibility, too,” said Obama in his weekly address on Saturday. “If we make America the best place to do business, businesses should make their mark in America. They should set up shop here, and hire our workers, and pay decent wages, and invest in the future of this nation. That’s their obligation.”....

More at The Hill

What a week for this guy, it's really too bad that this came AFTER the Oscar nominations, because between him opening up about his faith, and now his outreach to American business, he's probably the first guy in history that could actually fake an orgasm too.

Business has a responsibility to do what is best for business. If it does what is not best for itself it will run itself out of existence....or in apparent Obamaspeak, "meet their obligation."

One thing is certain we don't need the president, who as Doug Power's puts it, couldn’t run a lemonade stand without running it into a $5 million debt, lecturing business about their role in the recovery process.

Does this idiot not realize that the private sector isn't like the govenrment? They don't sit around thumbing themselves while getting COLA raises and then some through the osmosis of mixing time with entitlement. They can't live their lives like a government worker, they have to hustle, they've been hustling. Strapping anvils like ObamaCare to the backs of business doesn't help, Mr. President.

Business may have an obligation to follow the law, but government has an obligation to not stifle business...and government is the horse, not the cart, in this equation.

Business can't "shop and hire" if there's no money or economic activity to justify it. They also can't project what they should do in the future when a certain nameless
buffoon plays magic 8 ball with taxes and entitlements.

This is basic, common sense stuff. He probably should've thought it through a bit before putting business over his rhetorical knee. What was he thinking?

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Conservative Satire News February 4, 2011

Commenting on her upcoming speech on the the 100th birthday of President Reagan, Ron Reagan Jr. calls Sarah Palin a "soap opera" who is greedy for money and attention at his father's expense, adding he doesn't appreciate the competition.

New study finds one in ten adults worldwide are obese, of that it is believe 30% are obese due to BFL or "Big Fat Liar" Syndrome. A disease that scientists have identified a caused by registering Democrat.

Egyptian president Mubarak issued a public statement of thank you for to Queen Elizabeth for her gift suggestion on how to win back the Egyptian people, adding he is unsure about the effectiveness of a PA system and the re-gifting of an iPod full of Obama's speeches.

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Harry Reid Proves Glasses Don't Provide Vision

Yeah, ok, he proved this YEARS ago...but I'm just sayin'...

“We are happy to work with Republicans; we recognize that there has to be some long-term financial austerity,” Reid said.

“We’re not burying our heads in the sand; we recognize we need to do some things,” he added.

But he called a proposal by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) to cut this year’s federal budget by $32 billion “unworkable.”

More at The Hill

This is why people from Nevada can't be in charge of money. The deficit isn't some slot machine. A 32 billion dollar cut is "unworkable?" This is what he means by that:

If you put 100 pennies on a table, and those pennies represent the $1.5 trillion dollar deficit that Harry inherited from Bush 2 years after his presidency ended. Those 100 pennies represent pennies you don't actually have, and should not have spent.

In walks Paul Ryan and says, "holy crap those aren't our pennies! We've got to get rid of some of them, we need a change, A MAJOR CHANGE! Everyone......brace yourselves this is going to a BUMPY RIDE!!!!"

He then removes 2 pennies, or $32 billion dollars, off of the table......

Harry Reid thinks THAT is "unworkable"...

WRONG, square pegs in round holes are unworkable.

Global warming rhetoric during blizzards is unworkable

Michael Vick and the Dog Whisperer are unworkable

Helen Thomas and Victoria's Secret is unworkable

The Democratic Party is unworkable.

They're ready to shut down the government, like at this point that would be a bad thing, over cuts that amount to 2% of the deficit. This is madness.

Even with his glasses "Four Eyes" Reid can't see we are standing at the edge of a fiscal abyss.

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