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Dennis Kucinich Shows Everyone How Courage Is Done

This is the banner for Dennis Kucinich's website (click on it if you can't read the bottom).

America's most COURAGEOUS congresman! Wow. I wish there was a pageant so he could wear the sash he probably made for himself. Look at how he looks "forward" from right to the left like we live in an Asian culture. Then again being "progressive" requires backward thinking, so I guess he has that right.

If his wife were in congress is it safe to say she would be America's most courageous congresswoman? She would, after all, have to admit to being Mrs. Kucinich.

So what does a profile in courage look like for America's most courageous congressman?

The Ohio Democrat filed a legal complaint Wednesday in D.C. Superior Court, spelling out the case in chilling detail: The wrap was "unwholesome and unfit for human consumption, in that it was represented to contain pitted olives, yet unknown to plaintiff contained an unpitted olive."...

The complaint also says that Kucinich "sustained serious and permanent dental and oral injuries requiring multiple surgery and oral procedures" and says Kucinich has sustained other damages, "including significant pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment."

Kucinich is seeking $150,000 in damages, plus interest and costs, from Restaurant Associates, which manages the cafeteria, and three other businesses that stock and help run the operation.

More at ABC News

How about that? The man who once wanted to be president (and may run again if the mothership doesn't come to collect him) got fragged by an olive pit!

If only he won the presidency....and Reagan were still alive. They could trade stories about their war wounds. The people who voted for Dennis would be SO proud.

What is he suing for? Does he want restaurants to run food through the TSA naked scanners before serving it to him?

Democrats wonder why people know they're weak on national security. Its because they wet themselves over a seed in a sandwich so much that it causes "suffering and loss of enjoyment." It's a wonder that al Qaeda doesn't openly endorse the party...or at least employ reverse psychology and tell us to vote Republican.

Being that liberals are characteristically miserable people as it is (before liberals get mad, stamp their feet and access their dictionary to spell check "racist" and "bigot" --->they should know that it's based on their say so <---), I don't know what enjoyment is lost for the most liberal of congressmen other an injured mouth would prevent hearing himself talk.

Or maybe living in constant hope that people will stop saying he's related to Gollum. Could you imagine if the birthers got all lathered up about a president who may have been born in Middle Earth?

Good luck to you Dennis, don't forget to wear your big boy diapers when you go to court.