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Does My Insurance Cover Health Care Summits?

See how well that worked for the global warming guys?

A lot of conservative pundits said this health care summit was a trap for Republicans and that they shouldn't do it. I reserved my comments because I didn't think it was right to pontificate on an event that had not happened yet.

That said, I couldn't really watch the summit because I have to work to make a living for my family government, so admittedly I'm going to go on the general sense that absolutely nothing got done because there were no sitings of Satan coming up to the earth's surface to find warmth.

Wait...did Obama just say the Senate bill was a political stunt?

One interesting moment came when Obama blasted Rep. Eric Cantor for piling on the Senates 2400 page bill in front of him, calling it in the linked Breitbart article (in red) a political stunt, which I thought was a bit premature on Obama's part...because the real stunt came when Cantor jumped off the top of the stack of paper and proceeded to give the summit a lesson in skydiving.

Don't forget the new botox R&D jobs

Then there was Pelosi claiming the reform would created 400,000 jobs almost immediately, but she appears to not know how many of those jobs will actually be for American business and how many will be for moving companies helping Americans high tail it out of here...

The only substantive thing I actually got out of all of this was that for those that kept score the Democrats got more than twice as much time to speak than the GOP....yet this in no way disrupted the bipartisan spirit of the summit because....

For doing the math... you're welcome VP Biden

According the the Washington Times article linked above (in red...again) the Democrats spoke for 114 minutes, the GOP for 110 minutes, and Obama spoke for 119 minutes!!! Giving the Democrats a total of 233 minutes.

Hey! Remember when this understudy of a president said health care reform wasn't about him? Thats because theres not enough room in his ego for both health care and EVERYTHING....which incidentally includes health care, so he's telling the truth on a technicality....on that note lets check the scoreboard:

I know I know, how does Team Truth get two points?!? Keep in mind that in the video he said he was the president....and unfortunately, pending the emergence of a birth certificate, this too is true.

I guess if the deciding factor for you is how much more time the Bolshevik-- liberals- progressives- Ahmadinejad panty hurlers - olympic curling rejects- Democrats got to speak then I guess it was a debacle for the GOP...but in reality I'm pretty sure this exercise in mental masturbation for Obama changes nothing in the PR war for universal health care.