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Climate Emperor Gore Has No Clothes

In a rare moment of humor leveled by the GOP that didn't involve them lecturing the country about fiscal responsibility Senator Jim DeMint quipped that the record breaking snow all over the world would continue until Al Gore cried uncle.

It seems that liberals suffer from some strange form of munchausen by proxy where they constanly accuse conservatives of being fascist dictators bringing about the Fourth Reich any day now. Then when they campaign they openly cheer, like in 2008, for majorties that would make any opposition to their policies irrelevant and powerless....aka one-party rule...not to be confused with the iron grip of evil authoritarian dictatorship suffered under Bush before his refusal to give up being president ending in a military coup peaceful transfer of power to Obama.

The moral of the story is if liberals accuse conservatives of being guilty of something, you can take it to the TARP inflated bank that those same liberals are WAY more guilty of whatever that something is.

For years now the "skeptics" of global warming have been branded as having "declared war on science" by people who have been colluding to "hide the decline" in global temperatures over the last decade. Now we get admissions that there has been no ‘statistically significant’ warming. for the last 15 years and the evidence that sea levels are rising due to global warming has been deemed unreliable.

Laymen is a word so calm down Barney Frank

These "scientists" are being discredited at a pace that would make President Obama's growing unpopularity get whiplash envy. More and more it is finally being realized that they are what us laymen have known them to be all along, political eco-priests who have declared an actual WAR on SCIENCE and have formed an unholy alliance with liberal policy makers to build up a public cult of global warming.

Someone needs to man up and check Al Gore's ass

This cult has been stirring the public into a frenzy to believe that while the governments of the world can't do something simple, like not spend money it doesn't have, they can certainly control the temperature of the world with some magical golden thermostat they thought was first in Kyoto before they thought it was in Copenhagen.

Now, in spite of all this new evidence that the whole thing a is a fraud burried under a global blanket of snow the New York Times is now implying the skeptics are being opportunists, while others suggest this record breaking cold is actually part of the warming.

Don't piss on us and call it yellow snowflakes

Look liberals, either the globe is warming or it isn't....but you don't get to play this game where the earth says "I'm a popsicle because I have a fever." That doesn't make sense!

If the earth is getting warmer then when I turn on the Vancouver 2010 Olympics I want to see Lindsey Vonn doing the slalom on grass in a bikini...thats a promise that shouldn't be made unless it can be kept damn it!

Seriously though, I can't be the only one who is wondering why Al Gore has all of a sudden made himself more scarce than an MSNBC viewer. Maybe he's snowed in and trapped inside his energy guzzling Nashville mansion.

Whatever the case may be, its becoming increasingly clear that the worlds climate emperor indeed has no clothes.