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Palin's Palm Pilot Can Beat Up Your Liberal's Teleprompter

Hey! Did you know that Iran gave the world a nuclear middle finger yesterday!!! Now that we got that meaningless crap out of the way....lets talk about a more serious mainstream media headline...

Now that liberals are in full control of the country it appears that we now live in a world where a 40 minute speech guided by this


Is the EXACT SAME THING as this

and this

and this

Wait...did Sarah's podium say Gaylord?

and this

Somehow, in some bizarro world where Rosie O'donnell is a difficult dodgeball target and Rachel Maddow has a sex change operation so his name actually makes sense....Sarah Palin's 5 words written on her hand in ink to outline a 40 minute speech is tantamount to hypocrisy when criticizing Obama for using a machine that spoon feeds him like the political baby he is 100% of the words in his speeches.

Liberals, I forget, how dumb is Sarah Palin again?

Got Climategate?

The way the media has been treating this you would think they found some sort of smoking gun, which proves they wouldn't know a smoking gun if it shot them in the ass.

I know, I know....ALL politicians use teleprompters. This is true, but do they all RELY on them as heavily as Obama does?

Probably not....right?


Looks like someone forgot to flip on the prompters phonics switch

I'm glad Obama likes to honor the Marine Corpse, the corpse does do fine work.

I'm sorry, did we have to hear for ONLY 8 years about how that little Hitler wearing a George W. Bush mask that came before Obama couldn't say "nuclear" correctly?

I know liberals have wet dreams about how the military is populated with a bunch of dumb uneducated rednecks who couldn't spell "gun" better than they can shoot one, but they know how to properly say they belong to the marine corps (which is to be read as "CORE" for the liberal readers and certain pinko presidents).

Maybe its just me, but I think they probably deserve a commander-in-chief that can do the same, because "what would Biden do" is not a good game to play when you're stuck on a word in which you should've been given a heads up.

May I suggest writing a reminder on your hand, Mr. President?