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The Top 10 "Things" About 2010

There was a lot of good stuff this year, so I may amend this later...


10. Arlen Specter went from the Republican Party, to the Democratic Party, to his retirement party.

9. New Jersey governor Chris Christie spends his first year in office proving he is worth his weight in bold.

8. Faizul Shazzad, the Times Square Bomber, proved to Mayor Bloomberg that the Tea Party isn't racist about who they let in.

7. John Boehner's emotional display of tears melts our hearts, and Nancy Pelosi.

6. Being the "post-racial" president that he is, Obama tried to integrate the gulf coast's oil and water.

5. The country realizes Obama is to job creation what Helen Thomas is to Viagra.

4.Liberals support the Ground Zero Mosque on the basis of religious freedom out of fear the next thing to go will be global warming summits.

3. Obama shows that between ramming through ObamaCare, the BP Oil Spill, and WikiLeaks, the only hole he can actually plug is the rears of Americans.

2. The discovery of an allergy to tea dubbed by medical experts as "Republican Incumbency Now Obliterated" (RINO).

1. The ObamaCare vote immediately improved the health of Congress.