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Random Thoughts on the Tax Cut Compromise

I swear, if I went to prison and everyone was making shivs and voting Democrat, I would tell them my name is Mr. Fortherich. First name, Taxes.

Liberals are really pooping themselves over this compromise. It's ok used to poop myself too when I was a baby...

He wants to cut payroll taxes too? It's about time Obama turned his buzz saw to something other than the constitution.

What do we have to do to make the GOP insist they be permanent, give Boehner a private jet?

Wait a sec...A 2% cut in payroll taxes means what for social security? Death panels?

Um, you're welcome Warren Buffet, now take your tax cut and let me in to your bracket :-)

Man oh man, what am I going to buy with my tax cut extension...Oh, I know, time, to save my money for when it expires for reals.

Or we could blow it all by lunchtime and buy "progressives" a clue every time they need one.

Maybe that last thought was a little hasty, I mean, how do tax cuts stimulate the economy by giving consumers the financial wherewithal to act on their demand (aka crazy right-wing "logic") BETTER than funding unemployment welfare stimulus?

I don't mean to speak in code, but by playing Democrat's advocate I'm just wondering if we'll ever figure out that extending unemployment benefits really does help fuel economic recovery by being a lifeline for those suffering unemployment.

I'm starting to think "progressives" probably just wanted the rich to have their taxes hiked just because...that's how they roll. Why do you think Chris Matthews still has a TV show?

Now, I'm confused, what expires in two years? The extension, or Obama's presidency? Both? Now THAT'S a compromise.