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Rooting For A Leader Pelosi

Is this a dream come true or what? (my comments in yellow)

Despite widespread complaints about massive losses that will put Democrats in the minority, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday she will try to stay on as leader of her party in the House.

The decision exposed a rift between Pelosi's liberal allies and the dwindling number of moderate Democrats closet Republicans?, who feel besieged and eager for substantive and symbolic changes in direction after Tuesday's Republican rout. It also is likely to trigger leadership battles farther down the ladder.

Pelosi, the nation's first female speaker, said many colleagues urged her to seek the post of minority leader in the new Congress that convenes in January the core of liberal ideology, after all, is rewarding failure. That will be the Democrats' top post, because Republicans, who grabbed more than 60 Democratic-held seats Tuesday, will elect the next speaker. It will be John Boehner of Ohio, who will swap titles with Pelosi if she succeeds in her bid.

"We have no intention of allowing our great achievements to be rolled back," Pelosi, 70, said in a letter to her colleagues. Is she talking about the GOP or the voters?

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In San Francisco "Just For Men" isn't a hair product

I don't know how much more plainly I can put this. If the achievements under her speakership were so great she would be the speaker come January. What she is putting on display now is NOT arrogance, we had the luxury of calling it that BEFORE the unwashed masses, with their naturally occuring wrinkles, had their say.

Since the office of Vice President is somewhat (relative to an inch worm's erection) than anything that comes out of Congress I think we overlook the fact that the only person in Washington DC whose dearth of intelligence can rival Joe Biden's would be Nancy Pelosi's.

I'm willing to concede that I could be wrong. Joe's real problem is that makes gaffes. When he said FDR got on TV in 1929, that was an honest mistake....he knows FDR's actually RECORD television, and they weren't even invented yet anyways...soooo....

And libs think conservatives hate logic... psssh!

There is a sincerity to the words that come out of Pelosi's tightly pursed mouth. Extra words can hurt, so when she says they have to pass bills to find out what's in them she is sincere because her face muscles can't afford her not to be. She may indeed be dumber.

In the end the Democrats have to do what is best for the country, so I hope she wins so she can flex the Dems minority party muscle.

Don't worry that's nothing a little botox can't firm up!