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Biden's Vacation From Reality

While recently assuring that election night is going to be rosier for Democrats than most people think Biden had this to say about the alternative to Democrats growth of government and previously unachieved trillion dollar deficits

"They are going to look at what the Republican Party is really offering -- more of the past, but on steroids..."

....Ummmm....In the past we spent less money, had less debt, and more jobs...even if we put all three of these on steriods the GOP's batting average would be .333 points better than how the Dems are currently doing.

Is it just me or is it blindingly obvious that the Dems have absolutely nothing to run on? I know this is REALLY over simplifying things, but even in the simplest terms the facts just aren't on their side.

Biden say, Obama spending is a big f**king steal!

They keep talking about the past in these abstract terms and assigning blame to an out-of-luck lame duck GOP president for a recession that started when they controlled congress, and got WAY worse when they added the presidency to their trophy case.

So what is it exactly that the GOP would put on steroids that has the hair plugs on Biden's neck standing on edge? We never know because the media never forces Dems to explain themselves. They should thank God for that because in all honesty, children would sound more coherent trying to explain how Obamacare works.

The Republican response to this was pretty amusing:


Republicans said Biden was taking a vacation from reality, noting the 9.5 percent U.S. unemployment rate, a skyrocketing national debt and the highest jobless claims in nine months.

"Joe Biden is still desperately trying to convince Democrats that the economy is on the right track," said Republican National Committee spokesman Bill Riggs. "It's clear that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are completely out of touch."

I would like to congratulate Biden for winning a spot in the next ad for F.O.O.L....

Bright idea biden

Click the image to see a larger version....and I think I'm on to something with that "Biden say" crack....hmmm...

Via Reuters