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Top 10 New Ideas From Team Obama

Ever since Obama' started chastising the GOP for not coming up with "new" ideas, I've been wondering what "new" ideas could be originating from his administration...

10. Point out how our trillion dollar deficits meet the goal of avoiding gazillion dollar deficits.

9. Hire the first official White House chiropractor under the code name, "Dr. Obowma."

8. Make it crystal clear that the president TOTALLY opposes gay marriage....except in cases where the participants are straight (or gay)...seriously though...yuck... ;-D

7. Muslim outreach will include NASA putting Mars on hold until the president knows the effects of zero gravity on jihad.

6. Extol the virtuous dichotomy of the First Lady being both Obesity Czar and Secretary of Let-Them-Eat-Cake.

5. The president should golf A LOT so the public can associate him with a hero like Tiger Woods.

4. The TOTUS's suggested to the FLOTUS that if its cool with the SCOTUS the POTUS should appoint Barney Frank to a newly formed office of HOMOTUS.

3. 90% employment places our economic policy at a 10% rate of success.

2. The president can NEVER be wrong....we need to find 7 more states.

1. Restore the death tax so we can collect a fortune on killing the American Dream.