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Is Obama's NASA Policy Lost In Space?

When you think things couldn't possibly get dumberer (its a word...when playing Scrabble with Biden...) with the Obama Administration, check out NASA Administrator Charles Bolden's attempt to employ the comedy's classic rule of three with Al Jazeera...

The FOREMOST item on NASA's agenda is to "reach out to the Muslim world?!?" to help them "feel good..."

Either somebody needs to get our president a cigarette, because he MUST be suffering from nicotine withdrawal, or Obama is bored with being president and now wants to be an Asstronaut.

I thought that NASA's agenda was to explore outer space! Not come up with a political policy that belongs there.

Unless I didn't dig deep enough, I'm totally unaware of a single nation in the Muslim world that has any space program to speak of. Russia and Japan, mentioned by Boden, do have their own programs. So other than experimenting on the effects zero gravity has on sand, car bombs, and mercy killings, what scientific contributions can the Muslim world seriously offer to any space program?

In other news, college students writing their thesis for a Masters Degree will now be required to reach out to the Kindergarten world for contributions in an effort to make them feel good about learning their ABC's.

Is this yet another example of what change looks like?