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Meet Harry Reid's Son, Rory...Reid?

Harry Reid is poised to become part of an elite club of majority leaders who managed to not win reelection. So Rory Reid must be really stoked that his father's approval ratings stink like Limburger cheese, stuffed with poop, and dunked in skunk sauce AT THE SAME TIME that HE wants to be governor of Nevada.

Here is his campaign logo....

Rory Reid Logo

Did I say that IS his logo? I meant to say it WAS...take a look at the video to see what I mean.

He removed his last name! He wants to be known as only Rory...which I didn't even know that was a real name until I met Rory Gilmore, the younger half of the Gilmore Girls. So imagine my confusion when I heard Rory was Harry's son!

(I never watched Gilmore Girls, but having a wife keeps me current with TV shows for chicks)

And whats up with the replacing of the "O" in his name with that little logo of his? I mean...WHO DOES THAT?

This isn't an isolated incident either, judging by the masthead of his website this one name thing is official.

The judges will accept "zero," "Obama's accopmplishments," or "Biden's IQ on a good day"

So here's the challenge of the day, count how many times "Reid" comes up on his bio page.

Seriously?!? Who is this guy trying to fool?

Rory Reid Logo

If you didn't tell me they were father and son I would've guessed they were the Olsen twins of politics.

I'd love to ask why he wants to go with only one name, but I'm afraid I would just get some diatribe about how he wants to follow in the footsteps of idols like Prince, or Madonna, or...........

Rory Reid Logo


I don't know, maybe I'm just reading the masthead wrong and he legally changed his name to "2010."

Ok, ok, I'm not a Nevada resident and I don't really know the guy, but I think the above ad tells me all I need to know about Rory Reid.

I'm loathe to ever advocate for anything that stifles free speech, but maybe its time to pass a law that flat out prohibits the use of children in political ads.

The first guy that thought to do that was probably a genius, but if I run for office and my campaign consultant tells me I need to have an ad where kids are force to take time out of screwing up their times tables to lecture adults on who they should vote for, and then pretend the script they read from was their own words, I'd can that hack so fast he'd think he was a general in Afghanistan bitching about the wimpy idiot of a president he has to answer to.

This is why it's good Nevada finally gets it about Harry Reid, because based on that commercial for Rory Reid I'm willing to bet the apple doesn't fall far from the tree (for a more accurate description hold your tongue when you say "apple").