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Lets Play What Does Obama's Teleprompter Say?

There has been a lot of buzz about how Obama took teleprompters to an elementary school. The assumption being that he gave a speech to school kids using them.

Some are trying to call it a hoax because he only used it to give a speech about his proposed Race to the Top program for education.

Education? Its not his official policy on America's decline for the sake of the world?

But the fact remains that the president took what is starting to look like his extended family on this little field trip.

Um, he can start by letting them have their classroom back...

To me this begs the question of at what point will he start to feel pangs of shame. Does the speech really have to be made inside a classroom. Will this BS program be less successful if Obama and his people can't takeover an elementary school and disrupt classes for an entire day so he can lecture America on how students need to perform better in school.

Well, you don't get photo ops like this every lets have fun with it!

Comment below with a caption of what you think the teleprompters are telling the man who bows to emperors with less power than monopoly money to say in a classroom full of reporters.....children.

Rollover the image to see my two cents in this little game, and then have at it!