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Debate Over Socialism is Over And Out Of Your Mind

Howard Dean says the debate between profit motive being a parent of all invention and being enslaved in the nanny state is over.

He doesn't explicitly say it, because that is never how liberals roll. They have to throw tons of syllables and overanalysis to make themselves sound smarter like they belong dimensionally on a higher plane of intellectual existence in a way that exudes spiritually moral ambiguity in a directly concrete way than they really are need their molecular inner soul to be. makes sense to them....

If you really really want a written transcript of Howie's speech you can contact your physician and ask them to write out a prescription for sleeping pills.

You can also jab the pencil in your ears so you'll actually need Dean's words written out for you so you can receive his brain cell killing message.

Its always fascinating to see what losing presidential candidates do with their lives after other side takes the trophy home. I have yet to see an instance where we find the country hasn't dodged a big 'ol bullet fired off by these bipolar Yosemite Sams.


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Recount: The Movie (2008)

Its also always fascinating to listen to liberals decide debates are over. Its almost as if they are trying to do an impression of the kind of tyrant they kept telling us George W. Bush was. First it was Al Gore letting us know that the debate in the scientific community was over when it came to global warming, now it's socialism. They're just so good at knowing when an issue is settled.

I wonder what the give-away is when discerning that a debate over any issue is indeed over...maybe its the total concensus that comes from the fact that nobody wants argue to argue about it anymore.

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If only conservatives would figure this out already so they can roll over and die on (universal) health care reform because frankly, that debate has ended as well.....right?