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The State Crashers

I don't mean to steal from Bill Maher, but I have a new rule:

We will start to treat the government like a child....if it can handle little boy responsiblities(keeping a couple of uninvited douchebags out of state dinners at the White House)then we can start to consider giving it big boy responsibilities

(health care)

That said I'm no longer entirely convinced that we should be happy that Obama has finally made a decision on how he wants to "finish the job" in Afghanistan....that, Mr. President, sounds very much like a big boy decision for someone who can't even handle the state-crashers on his front lawn.

Monica Lewinsky finished the job.

"Finish the job" tells me absolutely nothing about reaching an outcome that is good for anyone, especially when Democrats are involved, because it usually means something more politically expedient and less about long term big picture consequences.

I know ending this war is the only red meat the vegan tree-humping pacifists will eat up when voting for these private-jetsetting Socialists suffering from Orwell-envy....whose only income and carbon footprint they worry about is yours, and the only wars they want to wage involve tattling to the UN with dueling resolutions (or high school-like taunts to news networks that refuse to be their PR firm). But this is bigger than their Hatfield vs. McCoy brain farts.

In other words, I'm still waiting for the adults to show up with this administration and take control of this war after they're done changing everyone else's diapers.

In conclusion, I digress and lets not prosecute the state-crashers. Its a waste of time and money, and all it does is give them more of what they've wanted from this fiasco all along.

Heads should roll at the Secret Service, and the government needs to slow its roll when it comes to deciding what and how much it thinks it can handle...but.....

If they must, then I'm all in favor of some sort of a compromise solution that involves either:

A. Also prosecuting all the venal politicians who swear to uphold the constitution and then lead by example for the Salahi's....or

2. they can just officially let these (until now) amateur whores in to their little wannbe Marie Antoinette fan club and end the hypocrisy of being pissy about "lying" to have a seat of fleeting power. (I've been told this point should be "B"....sorry, I had a public school education)

Apparently they're so awesome Democrats went to war over trying to keep the three-fifths compromise.

Compromises are awesome.