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Conservatism On The Rise

A new Gallup poll finds more Americans identify themselves as conservatives than moderate or liberal.

The data showed that about 40% of respondents identify themselves as conservative, about 20% said they were liberal, and moderates took the majority of the difference, and the rest were level 4 Scientologists.

This isn't really big news actually, while the numbers right now are trending more conservative these numbers have been roughly the same for at least a generation or more now. I just wanted to take this news to remark on the fact that during the Watergate scandal our most disgraced president ever, Richard Nixon, had an approval rating of 23% while Gallup has found that at its highest in 2008 (since tracking started in 1992) only 22% of the country considered itself liberal......

Basically, in 2008 the GOP had Mr. Magoo for a president, an heir apparent who looked like Mr. Magoo's grandpa, two unpopular wars, runaway government spending that bolstered a culture of runaway consumerism we couldn't afford, and a financial system failure that (right or wrong) the GOP was made to own....and the left in this country still can't out-popular the only president forced to resign from office.

If that wasn't clear enough lets put it this way....MORE PEOPLE LIKED RICHARD NIXON BACK THEN THAN WANT TO BE LIBERAL NOW!

Its amazing to think that conservatives beat liberals by a 2 to 1 margin and we have the government we have now. Frankly, it speaks volumes about how the Republican Party is just totally bereft of leadership and vision right now.

On a side note, a perfect example of the liberal media myth is how CBS spun the thread of this poll into gold by citing a CNN poll they gratuitiously reminds the reader people actually hate Republicans (while undoubtedly going by its M.O. of weighing its liberal/conservative respondents based on the model used to populate hosts on The View) comes at the end of the article...which most people aren't likely to get to since nobody watches CBS news on TV, why would they go to their website?

More than anything this speaks to the truth of why Obama's and congress's approval numbers are dropping faster than the recipient of a ruffie-spiked bottle of Absinthe (aka a very Kennedy Christmas). America is not in line with Obama and Pelosi's vision of America, and they don't want it remade in the way Obama threatened he would do in his election night victory speech.

If only we knew really it.