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GOP Dinosaurs Need To Go The Way Of The Real Ones Already!

I just ran across this a couple of nights, its hard to watch but sparks something that I believe must be addressed before getting to my point...



Clearly Kristol went into internal mental panic mode, I have to believe this is the reason one of the leading conservative minds was bested by a substance-bereft smart ass like Jon Stewart....

The government deploys this microcosm of our population to enter harms way and possibly sacrifice their lives for the good of us all, it is obligated to pull out all the stops to see to their wellness.

It is not obligated to tend to whatever mental disease people like Jon Stewart suffer from to think that because the government blows a ton of money on medical care for our military that it can easily do the same for the entire country. The fiscal year isn't over yet and we are at 1.4 TRILLION in debt and this bill HASN'T EVEN PASSED YET!

Kristol is not just a voice in the conservative movement today, he's one of THE voices. So its especially disappointing that this idiot in an elephant suit allowed himself to let the terms of the debate be set by a comedian.

Anyone with half a brain knows that if you drive down the actual cost of health care the insurance will take care of itself, premiums can't remain high if the cost to insure medicine is lower. I'm just a graphic artist and I know this. I also know the ways it can be done...I've already discussed them.

....I should be on The Daily Show.

Which brings me, finally, to the point of this post. I know Kristol has to worry about Stewart's army of scary writers that choreograph how to take serious issues from zero to dishonest with a laugh in 5 seconds flat, but this debate should be a slam dunk for conservative intellectuals like him unless...he's been stuck in the beltway for so long all he sees is the fun of the struggle and not the rhetorical endgame.

I've been thinking it for years, especially after the 2008 election, but this video has finally forced me to verbalize that conservatism needs the Old Guard to make way for the New Guard that has the edge and mental clarity to take on the Barack Obamas of American politics and their henchmen like Jon Stewart.

Its a brave new world and the Bill Kristol's of the movement with their magazines that nobody reads and their moderately-disagreeable-but-not-really colleagues at Fox News Sunday are simply not equipped to take on the technological agility and bumper sticker wit the left has been employing to reach the generations that matter.

Its time for them to step aside, and this video serves as exhibit A.