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It's Not "Rape Rape" Unless You're A "Dumb Dumb"

I'm not entirely sure of the exact moment we completely turned the corner at the intersection of God Fearing Way and Moral Decay, but I have a feeling I missed it...

Because everything that comes out of her mouth sounds either funny, disgusting, or both, I can't be too shocked at what Whoopi "Cushion" Goldberg's view of child rape actually is.

She thinks we "need the facts," and I think someone needs to tell her about Google. All she needs to do is type in "Polanski transcript" and the first thing that comes up is his victim's testimony from The Smoking Gun.

If you have the stomach for it you are invited to read the testimony for yourself....I'll just say based on what the victim says happened it wasn't only "rape rape," but Polanski was the OJ Simpson of the 1970's.

Obviously Whoopi's champagne-chased quaalude-munching haze of an opinion on the matter isn't anywhere near where normal people stand, who wouldn't terribly mind if Polanski's Oscar was traded in for a cellmate named Oscar who wants nothing more than use the court transcripts from the rape case as a script for his favorite play "Where's Little Oscar?" starring Polanski as "The hiding spot."

No, I haven't though much about this...that kind of outrage just comes naturally, thank God. This man has worked and been celebrated and lived a life of luxury for more than thirty years. He has not paid his debt to society and his hubris through it all has been nothing short of astonishing.

Worse than that is the sheer arrogance by Hollywood and its European counterparts put on display for why crimes like child rape should be excused because of what they do for a living. In its mildest forms we see it in the Oscar's or with the writers strike in 2007, but people who work in the entertainment industry truly believe that the world would end tomorrow if they disappeared.

So sexual appetites for 13 year-olds by 40-something predators shouldn't just be forgiven, the predators should be apologized to for being made to answer for their actions.

The ultimate problem with the industry is that just a generation ago there wouldn't have been even a whisper of such talk coming from those responsible for our pop culture about the acceptability of Polanski's actions. Now we have an emboldened and morally bankrupt cadre celebrities getting paid millions of dollars to pontificate on national television wearing their ignorance on their sleeve like they were debuting it on the red carpet.

I don't even watch The View, which has shockingly not made novocaine obsolete yet. I am, however, going to start encouraging others not to watch least until they change the name to "The Spew," because only then will ABC start marketing the show in a more honest light.