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This video was Parchbench's daily video for October 27th. The song is inspired by a term coined by Larry Elder. While I feel the song could've been executed a little better it is still quite good, and the message is exactly the kind that needs to infiltrate hip-hop. The video itself was very well executed. It features Alonzo Rachel, who is on the list and whose video blog is awesome.



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Conservatism On The Rise

A new Gallup poll finds more Americans identify themselves as conservatives than moderate or liberal.

The data showed that about 40% of respondents identify themselves as conservative, about 20% said they were liberal, and moderates took the majority of the difference, and the rest were level 4 Scientologists.

This isn't really big news actually, while the numbers right now are trending more conservative these numbers have been roughly the same for at least a generation or more now. I just wanted to take this news to remark on the fact that during the Watergate scandal our most disgraced president ever, Richard Nixon, had an approval rating of 23% while Gallup has found that at its highest in 2008 (since tracking started in 1992) only 22% of the country considered itself liberal......

Basically, in 2008 the GOP had Mr. Magoo for a president, an heir apparent who looked like Mr. Magoo's grandpa, two unpopular wars, runaway government spending that bolstered a culture of runaway consumerism we couldn't afford, and a financial system failure that (right or wrong) the GOP was made to own....and the left in this country still can't out-popular the only president forced to resign from office.

If that wasn't clear enough lets put it this way....MORE PEOPLE LIKED RICHARD NIXON BACK THEN THAN WANT TO BE LIBERAL NOW!

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GOP Dinosaurs Need To Go The Way Of The Real Ones Already!

I just ran across this a couple of nights, its hard to watch but sparks something that I believe must be addressed before getting to my point...



Clearly Kristol went into internal mental panic mode, I have to believe this is the reason one of the leading conservative minds was bested by a substance-bereft smart ass like Jon Stewart....

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The War Obama Thinks is Worth Winning

I would like to take a moment to announce an essay contest where in 100 words or less you describe what the Obama Administration means to you. While I'm going to be a participant (and maybe the only one unless you leave a comment below, will ya?) I promise impartiality in judging the winner, who gets a hearty helping bragging rights as a prize....I know it sounds like a crappy reward but remember that its value is poised to reach an all time high against the dollar any day now.

That said, I'll start:

What the Obama Administration Means To Me

by Jared H. McAndersen

Amateur hour.....amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour, amateur hour.

In conclusion....amateur hour.

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The Plan Is To Have No Plan

Well, on the eve of another election cycle the GOP officially stands for Got nO Plan

I saw a Wall Street Journal other day that alluded to the GOP strategy of 2010 is to use Nancy Pelosi to hang the Democrats as a whole. Here is the best passage from the article (if ya wanna get all lazy liberal on me and not click the link to read it):

"The Republican strategy is aimed at retaking centrist districts where Democrats have sometimes won election by persuading voters that they aren't beholden to liberals such as Ms. Pelosi.

"These campaigns have become national," said Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.), who heads the recruiting of Republican House candidates. "Some people say, 'I personally like my current Congress member, but I don't like the way Congress is going.' Then they find out someone voted with Nancy Pelosi 97% of the time."

Democrats say the tactics simply show the Republicans are lacking in constructive ideas. "It's been a proven failure," said Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which coordinates the Democratic House campaigns. "I'd sum it up by saying, 'Been there, done that, didn't work.' "

I really hate to say it...but Rep. Van Hollen is about half right. Republicans ARE lacking constructive ideas, but like the New Kids On The Block comeback, Snuggies, and a bottle of Viagra bundled with nude photos of Rosie Odonnell, it might actually work.

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The Star Spangled Banner Like You've Never Heard It Before

The ages of the girls in this video range from 6-8 years old. Listen, it is absolutely breathtaking.


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66 Clouds: Visualizing Word Frequency in the Bible

I've been working on creating a line of art pieces that are more Christian inspired, because conservative politics aren't the only thing in this life...and they certainly aren't even close the most important thing. I had a post a few months ago about how I'm not doing enough about that and I'm going to start addressing that.

So I did research on what other Christian artists are doing out there and I stumbled upon this (click on the image to see a pdf the full book):


This is by a Christian graphic artist named Brad Thomas, his business is Identity33. The concept is really brilliant and interesting. It takes the idea of word clouds you find on websites and blogs and applies it to every book of the Bible.

If you like his stuff you can see more of at at his website or the Identity33 blog. 

He has also been added to the list.

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why He must fail (and the capital "H" doesn't mean God)

***Note: While its published today this was written before the grand announcement that Obama should be commended for his peace efforts before having a chance to actually be president, that makes this post all the more relevant***

Before he was president there were breathless reports that Obama was just too hard to make fun of....(unfortunately a subscription to The Hollywood Reporter is required to view the full article,  if you want to purchase it go for it...or maybe petition the money from congress. Surely there's cash for this clunker of an idea).

Anyone who has even had a whiff of this blog knows how flat out wrong the articles premise is without going even one syllable in to it.

Not only is it not impossible to joke about Obama, we're not even a year into his administration  and its actually becoming the punchline.

If its not that he's hard to lampoon liberals are frothing about its the notion that conservatives want him to "fail." Some conservatives shy away from this, others have candidly owned up to the notion.

I don't just want his failure to be political, I want it to be personal. As harsh as that gets its his own fault. People didn't elect a president last year, they voted for a personality, election night coverage on Fox was the first time I had ever watched American Idol.

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The Looking Spoon Store

“Honest poverty is a gem that even a king might be proud to call his own - but I wish to sell out”
- Mark Twain

One of the things artists always worry about is being judged as a "sellout" (Freudian slip) their peers. The nice thing about being on the conservative end of things is I can hock my wares without caring about whether or not I'm "selling out" (I am).

Really though I'm just taking what I love to do and see if I can spin economic gold out of it.

Ok, not gold but a few bucks may be nice.

.....maybe a few Euros, you know the way things are going...

If you like my art and want to see it on stuff then check out The Looking Spoon Stuff for Sale and Stuff.

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Whoopi Clarifies "Rape Rape"

I should probably disclose that this is all fictional, even though it looks real Whoopi's head has been slightly Photoshopped and she has never said any of the following...yet.

Its probably hard to read because I had to fit it properly in the article box, so if you click on the image you'll get the full and much more legible size.

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