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Bad Things Come in Threes vol. 2

My first ever blog post for The Looking Spoon was entitled Bad Things Come in Threes...and this last week as brought us another interesting trifecta that is worth adding to series (this is my second one...its a series there)

That said, either there's something in the water or certain Democratic leaders are starting to become unhinged.

1. And by unhinged I mean they are being themselves.


*sniff* Someone needs her teddy bear.

One suspects she is talking about Harvey Milk, I guess. She was in the thick of all that back then. I have no idea how there is a connection between the anger over Obamacare and that. Especially since you have to make a pretty large leap that his murder actually had anything to do with his being gay.

Maybe she was just talking about the general fight over gay rights....then she may have something of a point, but to make that a connection to opposing Obamacare is something she should probably keep to herself.

Speaking of keeping things to herself...was she crying in that video? I think she was...where are the tears!?! Great here's another example of Democrats helping terrorists...watching they they can know that all they need to do to wipe out our water supply is inject botox into our reservoirs.

Thank you soooooooooo much madam speaker.


2. Then there's Jimmy Carter...


I don't really know how much I should talk about this since it really is so bad it probably shouldn't be dignified with a response in the first place. Jimmy Carter wasn't really in touch with much of anything when he was president, so I don't expect his reality barometer to be working during retirement.

After all, its like I've always are what you farm.

Beyond that he and other democrats towing this line DESPERATELY need to understand that it's not just crazed right-wingers that oppose Obamacare, and they're not the ones driving his approval numbers down either. So Carter and the congressional black caucus might want to rethink flashing the race card at middle Americans, unless they're covertly fighting for The Great GOP Comeback of 2010. 


3. Lastly, and this is probably the best of the three, doing everything he can to not live up to the ever stickier dictatorial mud that is rightly being slung his way Obama is asking David Paterson to not run for a full term as governor of New York!

Hey remember that Hitler clone that used to run the country....oh man, what was his name? OH YEAH! George W. Bush....remember when he was telling people whether they should run for office or not because it is totally the business of the President of the United States to do that?

If Obama doesn't support Paterson's run for governor then he can do what was every Republican politicians wet dream for Bush in 2008 and simply not show up to any of Patterson's campaign events.

Furthermore, if Paterson was so freakin' bad you would think that the leader of the party of choice would just back off and let the Democrats in New York make their own decision for who they want to nominate.

Or has he completely forgotten how that works out...especially for first-term senators not fit to clean the minority whip's toilet let alone run for president mid-way through your term against a former first lady who was a favorite to be the next president while blue dresses were being "whitewashed" by her husband.

So......considering New York is a state where he is technically their second choice for president he should probably mind his own business.