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Hey Mr. Wilson! Was Dennis The Menace A Metaphor For Democrats?

I want to extend my congratulations to the Democratic party for another decisive victory over evil using one of the greatest tools in its arsenal....


That's like the ultimate weapon for liberals....a stern warning. They work like magic too! City councils issue them to condemn wars and genocides to make the point that potholes, trash collection, and sewer systems are all issues that take care of themselves.

Ooooh! Remember the U.N. Resolution leveled against North Korea's nukes that ended their ambitions and thus averted nuclear holocaust! Where were you when.................

During the hour-long debate, Wilson refused to apologize, saying his phone call to White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel was sufficient and because Obama himself said the matter was closed.

Wait a second....this was debated for an HOUR?!?! Lets FIGURE THIS OUT....


The average congressman's salaray comes to about $175,000/year. (were not figuring the actual salaries of the we're lowballing this puppy)

That comes to about $84/hour.

Which means congress spent approximately $36,598 of our dollars on a PIECE OF PAPER that tells Congressman Wilson that he probably shouldn't have told the American people something they already know.


Why did it take an hour of their time and our money? Is that how long it took for their interns/fluffers.....ahem....."legislative analysts" to give them what their votes should be?

In the end what good does it do to "disapprove" of what Wilson did? Is it supposed to embarrass him? It clearly won't because if it would then he would've avoided it by "formally" apologizing.

Is it supposed to make him look bad to his constituents? His congressional district went for McCain 53.87% - 45.11%....considering McCain this is like a Reagan-esque landslide so I don't think this will hurt his chances at reelection.

Really, this is just another example of Democrats demonstrating their hubris knows no bounds....

"Before the war, week after week after week we were told lie after lie after lie after lie...."

Oh! Am I not supposed to speak ill of the dead?