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(cue eye of the tiger music) Barocky's Last Stand For Health Care "Reform"

So this was Obama's "last chance" to "seal the deal" on health care "reform." I don't know if it will work, its still too early to say. It's always hard to gauge how people will respond to teleprompter rhetoric only a mother could love.

He really laid it on thick at the end with the stuff about Kennedy. I'm sure the "progressive" side of the aisle had eyes almost as wet as their pants over it, even though bringing him up was more predictable than the happy ending of any Disney movie (especially if said happy ending involves rolling the credits of High School Musical 3, like the Bush administration some eras really just needed to end).

One thing is for sure, Obama says the time for bickering has come to an end. Well, that's that! Thanks for clearing everything up on the matter Mr. President! No more its time to do as he says.

How parentsidential...

On that note, I was scanned the transcript so I'm not 100% on this but I think he said "I" 48 times in his speech....not bad for someone who admonished us on how this issue isn't about him.

Furthermore, last time I checked there is no "I" in health care.....unless Biden is spelling it, I'll bet the Council on American-Islamic Relations wouldn't mind that.

The most astonishing part for me (and I find the whole issue this is REALLY astonishing) was where he holds up a social security as a piece of "the history of our progress."  The SAME social security that will be COMPLETELY BROKE in about 30 years!

This is the fatal flaw of the left on every initiative they fight for, is their intention good? What about the results? Intention is all that matters to "progressives."

Well....bankrupting the country for a system that even Canada is rethinking isn't progress.

Unfortunately there is an even more fatal flaw of the right.....and that is while they are right to oppose the government controlling everything they ALWAYS fail to identify all of the ways any problem can be solved without the government. I'm not, like, the smartest guy in the world, but I know how to deal with health care so its hard to understand why nobody in the GOP can articulate how we could do any of the following:

  1. Work to eliminate caps on admissions to medical programs so the number of medical professionals can start to come in line with population growth that is creating a demand that is outpacing the supply.
  2. Knock down this paper tiger that a public option actually creates competition and allow insurance to be sold across state lines, creating real competition.

Damn for president already.

Seriously though, its just so so SO hard to believe that on the eve of Iran officially becoming a nuclear power we have a president and congress that want to fight about this.

Can someone tell me which section of the Obamacare plan talks about treatment for radiation poisoning?