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Celebrity Attention 300: Marketing Molestation

When I read Mackenzie Phillips was in the news again I finally said...who?

Then I looked her up on wikipedia, and that said....who?

But that was because I kept misspelling her name, which was realized when google said "OH don't you mean..."

This is for another day, but the line between us and the machines really is blurring...between my computer/phone and google I don't know a bigger gossipmonger in my life. I mean, I've never met this woman, I never will, I can never imagine a situation where our paths will cross, and I know more about her than the people I work with thanks to the rise of the machines...but I digress.

Normally I would link my sources, but I will not dignify what I'm about to say with a link that emanates from this website.

I at first wondered why she wanted to announce that her father raping her in a drug induced haze on both their parts (the night before her wedding) lead to a ten year consensual incest-fest was hard to understand until Mr. Cynical kicked in and I realized she must be trying selling something.

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Janeane Garafalo Owns the Smartest Dog in the World

I originally found this on I Own The World which is now on the list.

Way to funny not to share...

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Bad Things Come in Threes vol. 2

My first ever blog post for The Looking Spoon was entitled Bad Things Come in Threes...and this last week as brought us another interesting trifecta that is worth adding to series (this is my second one...its a series there)

That said, either there's something in the water or certain Democratic leaders are starting to become unhinged.

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Hey Mr. Wilson! Was Dennis The Menace A Metaphor For Democrats?

I want to extend my congratulations to the Democratic party for another decisive victory over evil using one of the greatest tools in its arsenal....


That's like the ultimate weapon for liberals....a stern warning. They work like magic too! City councils issue them to condemn wars and genocides to make the point that potholes, trash collection, and sewer systems are all issues that take care of themselves.

Ooooh! Remember the U.N. Resolution leveled against North Korea's nukes that ended their ambitions and thus averted nuclear holocaust! Where were you when.................

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Signing Their Names To Treason

The men who signed the Declaration of Independence were signing their death warrants, nothing more, nothing less. Unlike liberals in our universities or in front of the cameras at any given Hollywood self worship service, these men truly embodied what it means to fight for principle, and do it with courage.

It is hard to understand how what they did could be trivialized by accusations they were a bunch of greedy rich white men when signing that piece of paper cost so many of them not just their property, but their lives, and the lives of their families as well.

Today, September 11, 2009, I hope this video reminds all who view it the price that was paid for the freedom we have, and understand and remember what was really assaulted on this day 8 years ago.


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(cue eye of the tiger music) Barocky's Last Stand For Health Care "Reform"

So this was Obama's "last chance" to "seal the deal" on health care "reform." I don't know if it will work, its still too early to say. It's always hard to gauge how people will respond to teleprompter rhetoric only a mother could love.

He really laid it on thick at the end with the stuff about Kennedy. I'm sure the "progressive" side of the aisle had eyes almost as wet as their pants over it, even though bringing him up was more predictable than the happy ending of any Disney movie (especially if said happy ending involves rolling the credits of High School Musical 3, like the Bush administration some eras really just needed to end).

One thing is for sure, Obama says the time for bickering has come to an end. Well, that's that! Thanks for clearing everything up on the matter Mr. President! No more its time to do as he says.

How parentsidential...

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The Not Safe For Work Alternative to Obama's Speech for the Kids

This video officially puts them on the list....and I'm really not sure why I didn't add them before. I want to express the reasons I love this video, but its a big fat spoiler so I wont do it....just be patient, it's not only hilarious, but I think its brilliantly crafted.

Big kudos to Red State Update!

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The Real Chronic Line Crosser

All political thinking for years past has been vitiated in the same way. People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome.
- George Orwell

For years, and years and years and years and years and on it goes, we heard over and over and over and over and over again from liberals about the dictatorial nature of George W. Bush. Works cited in the Hiltarian comparisons to our latest former president include blogs, the diligent work of movie editors employed by Michael Moore, well sourced award acceptance speeches at celebrity self worship services, and lectures in our nations colleges all the way down to "foundation basket weaving."

Now its their guy in charge, and its not just anyone, this is the guy who invented new words for the english "hope" and "change."

Yeah I know he didn't create those words, I'm just telling you what I agree to when I meet one of his zombies, I don't want them to sense I have a brain and then try to bite in to it.

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