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Just Take a Pill

Apparently this is a couple of weeks old now, but I just found it so now you get to hear my take on it.

This video is being billed as Obama saying the above title to the daughter of a woman who is now 105 years old, whose life was prolonged by a pacemaker she received when she was 100. Her question for Obama was long winded and not terribly direct (which tells me she's either a college professor, politician, or Sean Penn in drag).

His response was, much like his choice of Joe Biden to be VP, even worse than expected.

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In layman's terms...

Woman: President B.O., will other 100 year olds get the same chance at extending her life under your plan that they have under the current system?

President B.O.: Hope....well, to sum up my answer, change, in a couple of words, you mom would be sh!t out of luck....yes we can.

Woman: Ok,President B.O.  Say...does your health care plan stink because your name is all over it?

See what happens when he goes off prompter?!?