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This Study is a Peace of Junk

Americans pining for a peaceful existence might consider moving to New Zealand, the most peaceful nation on Earth, according to the 2009 Global Peace Index released Tuesday by an Australian-based research group that counts former President Jimmy Carter, Ted Turner and the Dalai Lama among its endorsers.

The United States ranked 83rd out of 144 countries while countries like Denmark, Norway, and Sweden helped round out the top 10 in addition to several of the world's worst dictatorships ranking higher (luckily not all, otherwise Mexicans might start invading those countries...shucks).

If true peace is the absence of conflict then it would completely make sense as to why some of the worlds worst dictatorships such as China and Cuba (to name a couple) would rank higher than the United States.

I mean...look at the Galactic Empire in Star Wars....they'd rank higher than New Zealand. After all, their casualties of war were just clones, and the rest of its citizens were quite well behaved...voluntarily of course.

The rebellion on the other hand...not very peaceful people I'm sorry to say, they wouldn't rank much higher than Kim Jong Il's Kim Jong Dong's in height (try diagramming that!).

Peace isn't something that should be taken lightly, but when someone tries to tell me my country isn't peaceful I get so mad I just want to BEAT THEIR STOOPID HIPPIE HYPOCRITE FACE IN WITH MY SPIKED AMERICAN FLAG POLE!

Try to make your point then Jimmy Carter...with your Nobel Peace Prize and your being the reason Iran is a terrorist state....Oooo look at me I'm soooooo coooool with my award because the Nobel Committee used a mirror to read my record on peace.

Really though, look at the some of the criteria they used to determine peacefulness:

    Number of homicides per 100,000 people

    Number of jailed population per 100,000 people (another reason illegal immigrants have got to go, THEY'RE SCREWIN' UP OUR PEACE QUOTIENT PEOPLE!!!)

    Level of violent crime

    Political instability

    Respect for human rights (REMINDER: suppression of the 20 year anniversary of Tianamen Square scored higher than the USA)

    Military expenditure as a percentage of GDP (luckily the U.S. wasn't penalized for new GI Joe movie...and now you know...)

    Funding for UN peacekeeping missions

    Military capability/sophistication

    Use of tanks (or "military capability/sophistication" that carry a different kind of rice rocket that we are not allowed to tweet about) to "muzzle" demonstrator demanding a "piece" of freedom

    Relations with neighbouring countries (this is the criteria that put New Zealand over the top)

    Economic freedom and mobility Holy crap how did that get there?

Maybe its just me but some of the criteria seem a little bit biased and even just flat out odd....

    How CNN ranks in cable news rankings?

    Popularity of peanuts

    Level of regret over 1980 U.S. presidential vote

    Amount of loyalty to Atlanta "we cant close the deal" Braves

    Number of Peace Sign t-shirts sold

    Number of Peace Sign t-shirts sold at WalMart

I frankly can't take umbrage over this study except to consider the source and remember the left's skewed idea of what it means to not only have peace, but its importance over other criteria a country should have. All these studies designed to discredit the power and attractiveness the United States continues to fall on deaf ears.

I know voting for the best choice is like kryptonite to liberals in general and guys like Jimmy Carter in and Ted Turner specifically (just ask them what they think of Reagan and Fox News), and organizations like Vision of Humanity can continue to gin up false impressions of global reality...but we all know what the real deal is. People vote every year with their feet as the United States continues to allow more legal immigrants into this land than all the other nations of the world combined, and we are not even close to satisfying the demand.

So its not about peace...Like a great man once said:

....let's set the record straight. There's no argument over the choice between peace and war, but there's only one guaranteed way you can have peace -- and you can have it in the next second -- surrender.

If you really don't know who said this email me and I'll tell ya so I can make you a conservative worth your salt....or you can ask Google and deal with your shame in anonymity...the choice is yours.