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One Wrong Against 40 Million Doesn't Make a Right

Man, its hard to try to keep the humorous spirit of this blog with the serious subject matter I've been picking to write about for going on two posts now....but I'll give it my best shot...

In any case, I wonder what an Abortion Assassin checklist would look like if Scott Phillip Roeder, the man accused of the killing, wrote it. It would probably look something like...

I absolutely grant that I wouldn't want to be the soul of George Tiller right at this moment. The man made millions of dollars killing innocent life, and I don't mean like what happens to plants, and brain cells, and fairies, when you place them next to a TV that is showing The View, I mean the kind of life that people who fight for Mumia Abu-Jamal's freedom get confused about.

Tiller's killer, whoever it was, was not justified in taking his life...period. At least pro-life groups are getting out in front of this and denouncing this horrific crime.

While some of what Tiller did may not have been lawful (a court has already decided on that) abortion is lawful and until we succeed in not only making it illegal, but winning over the culture on that point, it would behoove Christians to remember that they must "render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's."

Maybe he's proud of what he has done, but all it does is make the rest of us look as irrational and crazy as he is. I'm no expert on recruiting people to causes but I'm pretty sure that not only are those two tools you don't want in that tool chest. Only a few posts ago did I take a big one on Janeane Garofalo for being crazy on many conservatives were convinced by her arguments? This guy one upped her!

This killer has put a big black stain on the pro-life movement and has hurt its chances of gaining market share in the war over our culture.