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The Cross Dresser Finally Has the Sex Change Operation

So Senator Spector figured out that the Republican Party has been moving to the right since he was elected to the senate in 1980.

Lets figure this out....SINCE the Reagan Revolution Spector has concluded that the Republican Party has become too much like....oh man whos the guy I'm thinking of???

Its on the tip of my tounge.....



To be fair to the senator, when you spend most of your time bent over suffering from head-to-ass attachment syndrome your orientation will tend to be in reverse. Which is why I continue to be amazed by Congress's ability to move forward with its liberal agenda.

Anyone with intelligence at or greater than Dan Quayle on a steady diet of paint chips after a head injury accident with a high powered Idaho potatoe gun (or to put it more concisely, Vice President Biden) would take issue with the notion that the party has become too conservative. I would submit that every defeat and hardship the party has experienced since Reagan was president was precisely the result of the party going in the other direction so as to not be conservative in an effort to pander to people who, as Spector will find out in his run against Pat Toomey, wont appreciate it.

Frankly, I can't be mad at his refreshingly honest explanation that he basically thinks his career is more important than principles, and I'm not surprised he did this. In fact, many saw it coming for some time now.

Its been little known until now, but he actually delivered a parting gift to the RNC long before he made his intentions known publicly, and below is an exclusive photo (eat your heart out People magazine!) from the event...

Arlen Spector wont be missed, Republicans knew he was always there, but only after being reminded of it...kind of like the Kansas City Royals.