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Dianne Feinstein Has To Say She's "Not A Sixth Grader" Because She's Not As Smart As One

So Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the ultimate gun hypocrite, had a big dust up with Ted Cruz over the second amendment and the constitutionality of her anti-gun crusade (which she sets aside when applying for her own concealed carry permit).

See more on this at Hot Air and Weekly Standard.

Her answer was as idiotic as it gets. Rather than argue whether or not gun control is constitutional she decides to brag about how she's been a Senator for 20 years and a mayor before that, like that has any relevance to the question.

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If You Build It, Democrats Will Make Sure "They" Will Come

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Two Letters Mean The Difference Between Life And Death For A Baby

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Everyone Knows Where Obama's Power Comes From Except The Source Itself

By definition the source wouldn't know what it is...

It not a huge secret where Obama get's his power from. Despite what liberals want to say about his critics it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with something a little less tangible than that.

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The Wish List Of Cuts To Government Spending Starts Here

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