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Harry Reid Proves Glasses Don't Provide Vision

Yeah, ok, he proved this YEARS ago...but I'm just sayin'...

“We are happy to work with Republicans; we recognize that there has to be some long-term financial austerity,” Reid said.

“We’re not burying our heads in the sand; we recognize we need to do some things,” he added.

But he called a proposal by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) to cut this year’s federal budget by $32 billion “unworkable.”

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This is why people from Nevada can't be in charge of money. The deficit isn't some slot machine. A 32 billion dollar cut is "unworkable?" This is what he means by that:

If you put 100 pennies on a table, and those pennies represent the $1.5 trillion dollar deficit that Harry inherited from Bush 2 years after his presidency ended. Those 100 pennies represent pennies you don't actually have, and should not have spent.

In walks Paul Ryan and says, "holy crap those aren't our pennies! We've got to get rid of some of them, we need a change, A MAJOR CHANGE! Everyone......brace yourselves this is going to a BUMPY RIDE!!!!"

He then removes 2 pennies, or $32 billion dollars, off of the table......

Harry Reid thinks THAT is "unworkable"...

WRONG, square pegs in round holes are unworkable.

Global warming rhetoric during blizzards is unworkable

Michael Vick and the Dog Whisperer are unworkable

Helen Thomas and Victoria's Secret is unworkable

The Democratic Party is unworkable.

They're ready to shut down the government, like at this point that would be a bad thing, over cuts that amount to 2% of the deficit. This is madness.

Even with his glasses "Four Eyes" Reid can't see we are standing at the edge of a fiscal abyss.