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Technically Technical, Rhetorically Illiterate

I recently had it out on Facebook with liberal friends of mine (yes I have they don't know I do this, I want to keep them) who admonished me and the right for spreading lies that, among other things, Obama wants to abolish private health insurance.

In addition to being a great place to watch user generated video youtube makes a handy cricket sound maker for liberal propagadists. More on that in a bit...

Without a doubt Obama is the most I.T. savvy president yet, but like everything else in the "ship of state" this is little consolation considering the internet is probably the worst thing that could ever happen to politicians.

Its really cool that the president knows how to blog and email and twitter and myspace and blackberry and lightsaber and teleport and has developed an iPhone app that makes his poop smell like hope....but in spite of all of this Obama's administration has maintained a Defcon Biden level of stupidity when it comes to the way they act and the tactics it has engaged in to promote its agenda with technology. Even though they have it and they know how to use it their rhetorical strategies continue to party like its 1989.

But it's 2009 and the media isn't a one way street anymore. The Democrats STILL have their allies, but the (conservative) opposition that doesn't want their opinion given to them are the ones who have truly made an ally out of technology.

The newspapers are dying, the big 3 networks are dinosaurs, cable news is rising because they can out report the dinosaurs, and talk radio is second to the internet as king of the mountain. Liberals can't say whatever they want and get protection from old media, information spreads too fast now for lies to stick.

Dan Rather's career as a news giant ended when he was conducting a routine liberally biased story about George W. Bush and 1973 National Guard memos created in Microsoft Word and it was quickly exposed by some cheeto stained blogger who told could tell more people in the time it takes Rather to do a commercial break than probably watched his broadcast in the first place. If the story wasn't so ethically challenged it probably would've been a boon to his ratings since it would remind millions of Americans that CBS actually had something to watch before Everybody Loves Raymond and Survivor.

The only silver lining I can think of out of the whole incident is that somebody finally got to explain to the then 73 year old what the internet is.

Considering stories like Rather's still in recent memory when will these idiots in Washinton D.C. ever figure out you can't say one thing one year and then claim you've never said it the next? YOYObama (my nickname for him until the end of this paragraph) is proving to be to be the rascal king of this. How does he continue to make fools out of his supporters who parrot his lies about not wanting to basically abolish private health care when videos like this exist:


Good lord the I want to say I'm desensitized to this garbage, but I think my anger is amplified by the fact that the sheer arrogance of their lying is so easy to expose AND THEY STILL DO IT! As for my friend, I presented this to her and I got the only rebuttal possible, it was......