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Look! I won an award!

Every year iOwnTheWorld has a contest to determine the best conservative agitprop of the year. Nominating is a total free for all, and then the good people at iOTW sift through the madness and select the best to be voted on round after round until only two are left.

My piece was one of the last two standing:

I had a VERY worthy opponent, in fact I'm such a fan that I actually posted their work recently to this blog (here)

People went to the final and voted on our pieces, and apparently the best man won...

BOTH OF US! (it was a tie)

I've been participating in this contest since 2010, and I'm thrilled to share the top honor with BKeyser.

Onward to 2014, being that it's an election year I'm sure we're going to get some really good stuff for next years PUK!