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Real Torture Is A House Divided

It looks like there is finally a connection of Obama to President Lincoln that isn't just geography based, and it actually applies. Lincoln's faith guided his principles in keeping the country together as he looked to Jesus's admonition that a house divided cannot stand.

It appears Obama is taking that to heart.

I've been really naive. I truly thought that the actions of liberals in a post 9-11 era would not even come close to measuring up to their rhetoric, especially after Bill Clinton spent 8 years hamstringing our intelligence community as if he was cuffing an old girlfriend to a bedpost.

Obama seems bound and determined to make the CIA, I don't want to say it because it really is crude and I really try not to use words with any hint of profanity unless there is a good reason to do I will say this, its a five letter word that rhymes with bitch.

For any liberals that are reading this I'll try to break it down so you can keep up with the rest of class....replace "rhymes with" with "is."

If there is any wrongdoing (incidentally I don't think there is. As far as I'm concerned, to prevent the potential death of millions I think putting the screws to those detained members of the Jihadi Breakfast Club, who are really only pissed they're in custody because we beat them to the punching out of their time cards for this life, is not a notch in the "we are better than that" column liberals think it should be. Those notches are reserved for "smiting evil...hows that for a parenthetical aside?) Obama can try to end careers, he can even draft new wrongheaded policy to explicitly prevent the "wrongdoing" from happening under his watch.

Seriously though why is this happening? Was Biden allowed access to the Oval Office suggestion box again?

Prosecuting anyone in the CIA for doing their job is THE way to create a perfect storm for the sequel to 9-11. This is the consequence of electing people who don't live in the real world, now they get to make decisions for those of us rational beings who now have to practice defensive living in what is supposed to be the most free of societies.

We are dealing with people who "love death" more than we "love life." These guys are playing for keeps, so why on earth can't we? For years I've been trying to figure out why liberals are so damned married to the idea of not roughing up the bin Laden Bunch to break their organization.

I have yet to hear just one coherent and substantial reason for how torture, or enhanced interrogation, or watching The View or whatever it may be, doesn't actually work! It defies logic.

Its so progressive!