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Do (secular) liberals even believe in Merry Christmas?

In my humble opinion...NOPE!

The circumstances surrounding Jesus's birth is almost exactly the type of scenario (if Mary and Joseph weren't married then it would be perfect) liberals mention when attacking conservatives for having the temerity to believe that all life should be given a shot.

Then again, the marriage shouldn't matter because they weren't married YET when Jesus was conceived (Matthew 1:18), and back then that was a HUGE problem.

Of course they'll just tell you that all of this is moot since it's all a fairy tale anyway. They're just jealous, nothing they do has had a positive impact on anything much less shaped Western civilization for the better over the last 2000 years. You may not believe in Christ, but you can't deny the His everlasting influence on even your unbelieving life.

Sure they do everything BUT the part that includes Jesus, but none of that is actually what Christmas is all about. After all, Christmas is just but one day, and we're talking about the meaning of life itself here!

That cup can't be filled with a free stuff that comes once a year.