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A Little FYI To Everyone Who Thinks "Progress" On Marriage Was Made Today

SCOTUS says DOMA is unconstitutional and Prop 8 will live...

I would like to think I speak for a majority of conservatives when I say opposition to gay marriage is NOT about hating homosexuals. Everyone has sin, and heterosexuals have plenty of their own to mind.

People who want to say this is about "hate" are either missing, or are choosing to be willfully ignorant of the MUCH greater and more important societal consequences of messing with something that has been a bedrock for civilization since its beginning.

The will of the people is shifting on this, granted, and I have no idea where those of us who don't want to give up the fight for the culture will go from here. However, the political fight is pretty much over now. You can't unring a bell.

I do know this, because the masses want gay marriage doesn't mean it's right or True.

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