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Taking A Short Break... (2)

Between work and my family (which includes my beautiful baby daughter of 9 months who is becoming quite the handful now that she has discovered mobility!) I'm running on fumes when I sit down every night to come up with the latest and greatest for The Looking Spoon....

...and I'm pooped, I'd say super-pooped, but dirty diapers aren't the actual reason I've hit a wall....or maybe they are....

I'm SUPER-pooped!

So, for the first time in over almost 3 years I've decided to take a break from TLS. I didn't come to this lightly, and it wont be that long. I think the rest of the month will be a good enough amount of time to rethink and recharge, because I think my work has been suffering from the exhaustion.

That's not good, because when you do crappy work that makes it's way to the internet, it's there for-ev-er! Just ask Paris Hilton.

Anyway, if you're new to TLS and this the first thing you see a good place to start would be below this post (duh)...and an even better place to start would be with the "TLS Original Art" to the right (for the directionally challenged, click here).

If anything BIG happens, I'll probably post something about it, other than that...see you in a couple of weeks!