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Biden's Gaffes, If You Can't Beat 'Em Then Tweet 'Em

That, and more from today's Newsbusted.

What would tweets from Biden look like?

    I'm ready to use my twitter, but I'm not seeing the girls #ThisIsaBFD?

    Oh, I get it now, I'm supposed to tell everyone my thots. Why is there a squiggly red line under "thots" #ThereItIsAgain

    Hey I can even tweet on the john?!? #Number2TakesaNumber2

    Holy crap these det talks are boring #YayForAngryBirds #TheresThatRedLineAgain

    Does anyone know how to spell GOP? #SpellingBee #HomeSchool #FifthGrader

    Teleprompter out sick, @barackobama is using and iPad app for that instead #MemorizingStuffIsGay

    @barackobama said I can't say things I don't like are "gay" #ThatsRetarded

    Now @barackobama is mad at me for saying "retarded" and that I have to find another way to put it #HopeAndChange

    Embarrassing? Well, maybe if @barackobama would follow me back I could send private messages instead #StupidMarxist

    Who is Andrew Cuomo? #ruhroh

I would follow that. Speaking of which follow me on Twitter, will ya?