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The Obama Seal Team 6 Action Figure!

Someone has never seen a picture of Obama shirtless, and thus decided it would be great to make him into a Seal Team 6 action figure.

Some of the features on it include the following:

    When it fires the gun from a pitchers mound the bullets don't reach home plate.

    The hands cling to the gun with an adhesive that tastes really bitter.

    The parts of the toy are easy to detach so it can be spread around to kids whose parents can't afford one.

    Can only be played with if other Seal Team 6 figures are around, since it refuses to be anything but lookout.

    As a promotional gimmick to sell more of them there is a compartment in the butt, and 1 in 1000 toys has an ObamaCare waiver in it.

    Can double as a human shield for the version with Biden.

    A bit of trivia, the artwork on the shirt was the original logo for Obama's presidential campaign.

    Last, but not least, it can also talk...

    See the rest of what it says over at American Glob.