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Why Believers in PETA Are The Dumbest Type of "Progressive"

The recent effort by Evo Morales's ridiculous movement to grant Mother Earth civil rights really highlights how people who believe him, and organizations like PETA, are particularly idiotic sectors of the "progressive" universe. While other desitinations of progressive Nirvana, like communism, arguably still live in theory (ha ha ha), the goals of these people is so fantasitically self-contradicting that the only debate to be had is how tight the straight jacket should be for them.

If nothing else tells you these people are complete whack jobs then let PETA's president speak for them...

Instead of seeing all the other species on Earth as ours to convert into hamburgers, handbags, living burglar alarms, amusements, test tubes with whiskers, and so on, we need to respect them as fellow beings, as other individuals and families and tribes who have the same basic interests in experiencing joy and love and living without needless pain and harassment as we do.

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Wow....that's beautiful...they could really drive this point home by having members who have had abortions sign this statement like it was the Constitution.

Now does this iron clad way of viewing animals apply to the ones that are natural carnivores? Or are they allowed by PETA to "convert" animals into hamburgers?

I know the P in PETA stands for pointless ppreposterous peabrains poopyhead "people," so obviously membership doesn't include lions, and tigers, and bears. Presumably only humans are expected to treat other animals as "fellow beings," because we are the only "animals" on the planet that who are sentient enough to know that we think, therefore we are.

If that's the case we're not exactly "fellow beings," are we? We're actually something different...something better.

I wonder if there is any data on how many of these a-holes own pets

That's what makes their cause so bloomin' idiotic. People shouldn't harm animals because they're equal to us, but animals can harm other animals because we can't fight against their nature....but we are exempt from this because we are capable of being exempt....because we are better than other animals....

Hamburger meat has more cerebral activity than the average member of PETA. Who would've thought the idea of vegan zombies WASN'T science fiction?

Fine PETA, go ahead and join your "fellow beings"...

By the way, that sign is real, I didn't photoshop it into existence....see? <---